July 20, 2017

Evoke Diamond 15x25.9. Vibrant sculptural effects of geometrical relief tiles.

Creative tiles Ireland. ZYX Triangles. Modern wall design inspiration

Evoke Zoom Black Matt 15x25.9

Diamonds are forever.

Diamond is available in four textures and can be combined with a range of colours and finishes to explore new design directions. Inspiring architects and interior designers worldwide, enabling them to experiment with unique, distinctive aesthetic and construction solutions. Diamond allows surfaces to be combined, expanding and adding to a world of possibilities in interior design.

ZYX Triangles 15x17 shapes. Creative tiles for architects and interior designers. Tiles Ireland


The Evoke collection is completed by Diamond, a geometric shape which epitomises the very essence of ZYX

AREA 15x25.9

Area is the first element of Diamond range. It is a smooth, 15x25.9cm tile, which can be used to create hexagons, herringbone, lozenge or star shapes. Available in nine colours/finishes: white gloss and matt, black matt, cement, two types of wood, gold, silver and copper. Use the tiles alone or combined with other textures from the collection (Drop, Zoom or Blend).

Creative wall tiles Ireland. ZYX Evoke Triangles. Colour range. White, Black, Cement, Gold, Silver, Copper, Matt, Glossy.
ZYX Evoke Area. Diamond 3D wall tile creative architect office interior design idea

ZYX Evoke. Area Cement 15x25.9, Zoom Cement 15x25.9

ZYX Zoom. Creative kitchen splashback tiles Ireland

ZYX Evoke.Zoom White Matt and Camel Wood 15x25.9

ZOOM 15x25.9

Zoom is changing the rules of the game. The concave shape features curved and straight lines which produce subtle, tranquil light diffusion over the surface. The white colour exalts the light and shadow contrast, the warm and natural shade of wood look tile enhances the soft touch of the motif in relief, the black matt gives character to the texture. The glossy metallic finishes give a touch of sheen to the surface. Zoom is perfect for creating living spaces that never disappoint.

ZYX Evoke Diamond Zoom. Creative wall tiles Ireland. Colour range

BLEND 15x25.9

A diamond-shaped ceramic tile based on organic structures. Blend’s rounded shape lends itself to creating stars, waves and more comfortable living spaces. Blend complements smooth Area tiles perfectly. This white body, 15 x 25,9cm format ceramic tile is available in gloss and matt finish white plus black, gold, silver and copper. This spectacular three-dimensional tile range create design walls with an appealing and dynamic look thanks to the light and shadow effects marked by reliefs on the surface. Motifs are enlivened and enhanced by a natural or artificial lighting system specifically created for the project. Animated by light effects, the vibrant 3D ceramic surfaces make the walls the protagonists of contemporary interior design projects in residential and commercial venues, such as showrooms, restaurants, lounge and coffee bars or wellness centres.

ZYX Channel. Concave triangular creative wall tile.

ZYX Evoke. Blend White Glossy and Area White Glossy 15x25.9

ZYX Channel. Creative wall tiles for architects and interior designers in Ireland
ZYX Evoke Blend & Area. Creative wall design. Ikea style living room Ireland

ZYX Evoke.Area White Matt and Blend White Matt 15x25.9

Creative wall tiles Ireland. ZYX Evoke Triangles. Colour range. White, Black, Cement, Gold, Silver, Copper, Matt, Glossy.
Krzysztof cHris Marciniak. Tile showroom interior designer

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