Caislean Oak Collection. Engineered wood flooring.

Caislean Oak

Engineered wood flooring

Caislean Oak Collection. Belleek. Engineered wood flooring.
Caislean Oak Collection. Black Water. Engineered wood flooring.
Black Water
Caislean Oak Collection. Bunratty. Engineered wood flooring.
Caislean Oak Collection. Castle Black. Engineered wood flooring.
Castle Black
Caislean Oak Collection. Clontarf. Engineered wood flooring.
Caislean Oak Collection. Dalkey. Engineered wood flooring.
Caislean Oak Collection. Donore. Engineered wood flooring.
Caislean Oak Collection. Dunbeg. Engineered wood flooring.
Caislean Oak Collection. Dunhill. Engineered wood flooring.
Caislean Oak Collection. Dunloe. Engineered wood flooring.
Caislean Oak Collection. Forbes. Engineered wood flooring.
Caislean Oak Collection. Hackett. Engineered wood flooring.
Caislean Oak Collection. Killiney. Engineered wood flooring.
Killiney Herringbone
Caislean Oak Collection. Lambay. Engineered wood flooring.
Caislean Oak Collection. Merion Herringbone. Engineered wood flooring.
Merion Herringbone
Caislean Oak Collection. Merrion. Engineered wood flooring.
Caislean Oak Collection. Oliver. Engineered wood flooring.
Caislean Oak Collection. Ormonde Herringbone. Engineered wood flooring.
Ormonde Herringbone
Caislean Oak Collection. Ormonde. Engineered wood flooring.


Caislean Solid Oak Accessories. Coverstrip.
Caislean Solid Oak Coverstrip 35mmx2.5m
Caislean Solid Oak Accessories. Reducer.
Caislean Solid Oak Reducer 15mmx1.8m
Caislean Solid Oak Accessories. Coverstrip.
Caislean Solid Oak End 14mmx1.8m
Caislean Solid Oak Accessories. T-Shape.
Caislean Solid Oak T-Shape 15mmx1.8m

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Why Caislean Oak?
We have taken the best of European Oak from managed forests and added it to high quality plywood. This allows us to use less hard wood but gives you a floor that will last just as long as a solid wood floor. This structure is also significantly more stable than its solid counterpart. It will be better able to withstand changes in temperature and humidity which might otherwise cause buckling, swelling and other distortions.

Completely unique.
Having taken the raw oak plank you have a choice. We can sand, brush, distress or artificially age your oak wood floor. We can then apply the selected finish and even work on one completely unique to you. After all the above we will then complete your floor with a high quality seal. Our unique Tung Oil Finish offers Low VOC, allows for spot repair and very high water repellent properties, and offers a protective surface against household stains. Depending on the seal used it is a simple process to refinish your floor. The collection is suitable for domestic and commercial use and is available in a variety of different plank sizes to help fulfil your needs.

The Caislean Oak 148 and 182 can be installed using the state-of-the-art adhesive-free installation system: BALTIC LOC 5G™. The fifth generation of locking system is based on a single action installation method. Floor installation has never been easier.

  • State-of-the-art adhesive-free joints.
  • The joint is under license from the Swedish company Välinge Innovation.
  • Time saving facility for quick assembly and disassembly.
  • Distinct clicking sound during installation.
  • Installation with no additional assembly tools.
  • Can be installated over floor heating.

Let us help you finish your project to the highest standard possible with our custom colour-matching accessories. All of our accessories are made to match your chosen Caislean Oak floor. Give your room the finish it deserves. Our accessories include: Coverstrip Profiles, End Profiles, Reducer Profiles, T Profiles, Skirting Boards and Architraves, Rad Rings and Door Stops.

Dimensions 148x14/4x2200mm - FSC, RAC and 5G Baltic Loc
182x14/4x2200mm - FSC, RAC and 5G Baltic Loc
Suitable for underfloor heating Yes