Sigma Ireland. Extra large format tiles cutting and lifting tools.

XXL Tiles cutting & lifting

Sigma - 3F4M

Manual tile cutter - 156cm.


  • Quick change system of the incision grip.
  • Chromed guides, very robust for a perfectly straight incision.
  • Shock absorber for silent work.
  • Predisposed for thin thickness tiles cutting.
  • Driving height adjustable for ergonomic incision of different thicknesses.
  • Measurement bar pivoted at the centre of the cutting line;
    swivelling +45° 0° - 45°.
  • Adjustable stop for quick positioning of metric bar to the angles most commonly used.
  • Metric scale with side measure and diagonal measure.
  • Long measuring square for use on right or left.
  • Metric bar with angle and measurement, always close to operator.
  • Complete with wheels for easy transport.
  • Double springing for an cushioned incision, which is essential for the working of tiles with rough or textured surface.
  • Ergonomic handle, optimized for pushing cutting.
  • Foot gap very wide 100mm, perfect for easy cutting large tiles.
  • Incision wheel of large diameter, for easy engraving on structured tiles.
  • The wheel rotates on a pond ball bearing, for a fluently and quickly incision.


  • Straight cut length: 1510mm.
  • Diagonal cut: 1067 x 1067mm.
  • Breaking strength: 1300kg.
  • Cutting thickness: up to 19mm.
    Please note. Cutting tiles thicker than 15mm is not always possible using a manual cutter. For these tiles, a wet saw should be considered.
  • Weight: 38kg.
Sigma Ireland. Large format manual tile cutter. 3E4M 156cm.
Sigma - Kera-Cut INX

Extra large format tile cutter - 371cm.


  • The sliding guide in a single piece, is light and strong and remains accurate even in the event of accidental falls.
  • The carriage slides on stainless steel tracks with ball bearings. Recommended version for intensive use (1).
  • The two-handed push amplifies the power of incision (2).
  • Fixing the tile with suction cups positioned freely and, also suitable for roughed surfaces. (3)
  • Fixing to the working table with swivel supports, for repetitive cuts; by turning, the guide raises up to 21mm and allows a quickly tile removing (4).
Sigma Ireland. Extra large format tile cutter Kera-Cut INX 371cm.
Sigma - Kera-Flex 38F13D

Angle grinder attachment.


  • Sigma Kera-Flex 38F13D allows the attachment any make of 115mm angle grinder with a industry standard M14 threaded spindle to Sigma's Kera-Cut System for the cutting, engraving and drilling of porcelain, granite, marble and glass.
  • Compatible with all types of Sigma Kera Cut.
  • Simply mount a 115mm diamond blade to the head then thread your grinder in.
  • Kera-Flex allows the cutting, up to 30mm thickness.
  • Grinder secured with a strap to the Kera Flex arm.
  • Includes Free Sigma dimond disk.
Sigma Ireland. Kera-Flex angle grinder attachment for cutting porcelain, granite, marble and glass.
Sigma - Kera-Lift 340x160cm

Handling, lifting and laying of extra large format tiles.


  • Kera-Lift equipment with suction cups for lifting, handling and laying of large tiles, freely modifiable without the use of tools, is composed by guides sliding between them to adapt to any size and shape of the slab.
  • Strong locking suction cups usable even on roughed materials.
  • Safe fall protection installable on the long and short side.
  • Pump suction cups with the safety limit indicator, usable even on roughed materials.
Sigma Ireland. Kera-Lift. Specially designed tool for handling, lifting and laying extra large format tiles.