Grey Pulpis 60x120. Extra large format marble look high polished and satin finish porcelain tiles for luxury living and commercial walls and floors.

Grey Pulpis


Pietrasanta Polished 60x120. Luxury extra large format marble look polished porcelain wall and floor tile.
Pietrasanta Matt 60x120. Luxury extra large format marble look matt finished porcelain wall and floor tile.
Grey Pulpis Polished / Satin 60x120

41GPP / 41GPM

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Grey Pulpis 60x120 - marble look porcelain tile is dedicated to all deluxe residential and commercial projects such as shopping centres, luxury villas, spa-like sanctuaries and modern-designed houses. Two surface finishes - polished and satin - allow you to use them on walls and floors.

Any of our tiles in this range can be cut to your specific requirments from bullnosing to mosaic (mono or multi-colour) in our artisan workshop.

Technical Details
Dimensions 60x120
Tiles/m² 1.39
Tiles/y² 1.16
Tiles/Box 2
m²/Box 1.44

*The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the characteristics of the packaging as per the terms and conditions of the order.