Create beautiful floor patterns using gorgeous modular stone-effect porcelain tiles - Positano.

Positano Modular

Wall & floor tile

Positano Avorio Modular 60x40 40x40 40x20 20x20 - stone effect porcelain tile.
Positano Avorio Modular


Positano Ocra Modular 60x40 40x40 40x20 20x20 - stone effect porcelain tile.
Positano Ocra Modular


Positano Grigio Modular 60x40 40x40 40x20 20x20 - stone effect porcelain tile.
Positano Grigio Modular



Positano - floor patterns for modular tiles

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Positano Modular is the perfect blend of style and durability for your residential or commercial walls and floors. These stunning stone effect porcelain tiles are suitable for both interior and exterior use, making them a versatile choice for any space. Create beautiful tile patterns with these gorgeous modular tiles, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your home or business.

The stylish design of these tiles, combined with their matt finish, will elevate any room to new heights of elegance. Customers love the low maintenance required for these porcelain tiles, making them a practical and stylish alternative to natural stone. The Positano tiles offer a traditional yet timeless look that will never go out of style.

With a realistic, detailed surface that closely mimics natural stone, these tiles offer the best of both worlds - the beauty of stone without the maintenance hassles. The 'mixed size' pack allows for endless design possibilities, whether you prefer a classic modular pattern or something more unique.

Whether you have a farmhouse kitchen, period property, or contemporary space, these tiles will make a serious impact in any setting. Embrace the trend of bringing natural styling indoors with the Positano Modular tiles - a timeless choice for any home or business.

Any of our tiles in this range can be cut to your specific requirments from bullnosing to mosaic (mono or multi-colour) in our artisan workshop.

Technical Details
Dimensions 60x40 / 40x40 / 40x20 / 20x20
Tiles/m² 4.17
Tiles/y² 3.48
Tiles/Box 4
m²/Box 1.44

*The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the characteristics of the packaging as per the terms and conditions of the order.