Tile fixing solutions Ireland. Bathroom waterproofing systems.

Waterproofing systems

Mapei - Shower Waterproofing Kit

Easy to apply kit for treating commercial or domestic showers before tiling. Provides tough and durable protection against leaks whilst remaining permanently flexible. Contains primer, coating and waterproof jointing tape. Contains enough to waterproof a standard sized shower. Covers up to 4m²

Mapei Ireland tile fixing solutions. Shower waterproofing kit.

Suitable for shower trays or over a bath.
Waterproofs plaster, plasterboard, plywood, render & concrete.
Fast drying.
Apply with brush or roller.

Mapei - Mapelastic Aquadefense

Ready-to-use, ultra-quick drying, flexible liquid membrane for internal and external waterproofing applications.

Mapei Ireland tile fixing solutions. Mapelastic Aquadefense flexible liquid membrane for internal and external waterproofing applications.

WHERE TO USE: To form waterproofing layers before applying ceramic, stone and mosaic coatings in:
balconies and terraces
bathrooms and shower cubicles
laundry rooms
saunas and damp environments in general.

cementitious screeds and screeds made using special binders (Topcem)
plasterboard (for internal applications only)
existing coatings in ceramic, terrazzo and stone
cementitious render.

Preparation of the substrate Substrates must be well-cured, sound, clean, dry and free of oil, grease, cement laitance, old paint and any other substance which could compromise the bond. Cementitious substrates must be stable and dry with no rising damp. Surface dust must be completely removed. Before applying Mapelastic AquaDefense, pay particular attention to expansion joints and fillet joints between horizontal and vertical surfaces. In such cases, apply Mapeband and suitable profiles bonded in place with Mapelastic AquaDefense. Before applying Mapelastic AquaDefense on old ceramic and natural stone floors, use Eco Prim Grip.

Mapelastic AquaDefense must be applied in two even, coats (approx. 0.4 mm per coat) with a long-haired roller, brush or trowel. Wait until the first coat is dry, making sure the product becomes darker with a matt finish, before applying the second coat diagonally to the first (approximately 1 hour at +23°C and 50% relative humidity of the air and with substrates having residual humidity lower than 3%).The final thickness of the two coats of Mapelastic AquaDefense must be at least 0.8mm in order to create a robust, flexible and continuous film. Make sure there are no interruptions in the film caused by imperfections in the substrate. Ceramic, stone and mosaic tiles may be laid 4 hours after applying the second coat (at +23°C and 50% relative humidity of the air).

Technical Details
Colour Light blue
Coverage 1kg/m² for two coats (1.3kg/m² per mm of thickness).
Waiting time before laying coating 3-4 hours
Complete drying of 1mm thick layer 12 hours
Application temp. +5°C - +35°C
Tools cleaning while still fresh with water
Packaging 7.5kg and 15kg cans
Storage 24 months in its original packaging in a dry place. Protect from freezing weather.
Mapei - Mapeband 120mm 50m

Alkali-resistant rubber tape with felt for cementitious waterproofing systems and liquid membranes.

Mapei Ireland tile fixing solutions. Mapeband rubber tape for for cementitious waterproofing systems and liquid membranes.

Waterproofing corners between adjacent walls and between walls and floors.
Flexible waterproofing of expansion joints on terraces and balconies.
Sealing pipes and drains in bathrooms, showers and kitchens in conjunction with Mapebandgaskets.
Sealing expansion joints in precast panels.

Mapeband is a vapour and water-resistant rubber tape with fabric edging which is resistant to alkali.
Mapeband is elastic and deformable even at low temperatures with excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions.
Mapeband is resistant to alkalis, acids and salt solutions (for special cases, test before using).
Mapeband is also available in ready-made internal and external corner sections along with Mapeband gaskets for pipes in bathrooms, kitchens, showers, etc.

Apply a thin layer of Mapelastic or Mapelastic AquaDefense, at least 1 mm thick, to the sides of the corners and expansion joints to be waterproofed with Mapeband.
Apply the fabric side of the Mapeband tape or special pieces over the fresh layer of Mapelastic or Mapelastic AquaDefense, using a smooth trowel.
It is essential that Mapelastic or Mapelastic AquaDefense wet both sides of the Mapeband, also the rubber tape, for a width of several mm.
For movement joints (i.e. in terraces) Mapeband must be positioned in the shape of an omega Ω.
Mapeband can then be subjected to tension.

Technical Details
Packaging 50m rolls of 120mm total width.